This Week’s Healing Alphabet Card: Belonging or Piano to the Head

where it started“I’m pretty sure this isn’t where I belong.”

Have you ever found yourself saying that? You’re miserable. You are asked to do what is not your best gifts. You feel like a f*ck-up and nothing you do is right.

I felt like this most of my time working retail sales, and several mis-match jobs. Once again recently, I found myself in a mis-match and miserable. I was baby-sitting, not teaching. I wasn’t using my prime skills of coming up with ideas and innovative lessons. The first symptom you are not where you belong is low self-esteem symptoms. There’s also a low-level hopelessness. If you don’t recognize the first symptoms, the feelings will get worse. Then you will need a cosmic piano to the head to wake you up, like the flu.

The birth of this website begun because I wanted to be authentic as I could and let the world know what I love to do — I’m a freakin’ idea monster who loves to teach in really creative ways, and always through story and drawings. I won’t compromise here on my site. It’s my safe spot to be. When I was little, I wrote and illustrated small books that always had some profound lesson, like SAVE NATURE or BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. I knew who I was when I was seven. I finally went back to school to learn new technology to teach a few years ago. I was on path so I thought, but I got lost again in the sea of compromise.

The I is for Indian Gardens card always shows up as a reminder to make sure you are where you belong, or oops, you may have forgotten who you are, hanging out with the ducks when you are a swan, and feeling the consequences.

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Grab your Indian Garden card and deck over here.


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