This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Cards: Go With the Love


Cards: Y for Pay Attention, J is for Joy, and R is for Roses (Rise Up)

This week’s lesson: It can be easy to get loaded down with stress and problems. The situation is a little like sitting in a deep hole and that’s all you can see is the muddy wall around you. When good comes in, you need to grab it with both hands and pull that juiciness towards you and out of the hole. And it’s the good that you need to focus on this week. The problems won’t disappear, but we are celebrating what IS good, and the good will bring joy, which is always a great thing, making it easier to tackle any problems. You are meant to be happy, and you devote your energy where it feels good.

Fun activity to integrate the lesson: Let’s focus on the good. I love making lists! Make a list of all the good happening in your life right now. Think of all the small things you might have overlooked, like a good hair day, or a perfectly buttered slice of toast.


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