This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Cards: What is Blocking Dreams Spread


The Blocking Wishes and Ladybug Spread:

L is for Ladybug card is all about making wishes come true. Here’s a fun activity to do. I picked a card from the deck to see what was helping me create what I wanted in my life right now career-wise. The Magic Fairy Dress card is all about Manifesting, Magic, and Faith. It’s the unknown/ the magic/God/Universe helping along the way to create miracles. Good sign!

What is blocking me is to the left of the L card, and in this case, is the Beauty card. I, or those I am trying to convince in the process of making my dreams come true, do not recognize my work’s Beauty, or the worth in what I am wanting to create.

Solution? Let the magic do its thing, and I can start with myself and see my work with new, loving eyes. Cool!


Want to play too? Make your own Ladybug Spread. Read all about the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck over here. And you can get your own deck to play with here. (It’s on Sale and great for Christmas Stocking Stuffers.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.24.02 AM

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