An Artist Has To Be Two Different Characters and The Zone

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Let’s talk about what no one talks about.

An artist is expected to be two people and that’s why we struggle.

I know how to make things. Yesterday I was in the zone making a mini movie. I forgot to eat lunch and had to scramble about at 1:30pm to find a sandwich. While in the zone, I came up with ideas for my two new books, thought up quotes for my book proposal, and sketched in between while chewing on that sandwich. Creativity flowed through me like a pouring pitcher of juice. (Say that six times fast). I could hear a little voice inside me scream, “I’m on fire!”

Then I took a break.

Why? Why? Why?

I watched The Bachelorette on Hulu to relax and numb over. Why can’t Caitlyn see that guy is a complete asstoad?!

I checked my Social Media. Awesome! I have likes on my blog post I wrote. But wait…I only have so many followers on Instagram and So and So who isn’t even that great an artist has 3 million followers. How did So and So get so many? How do I get that many? I need to have that many. I’m not sure why, but I know I need to. And on Pinterest my quiz is going viral but they don’t know about this blog. How do I get them to see this blog? Oh Man! Am I failing??? I need a PLATFORM to sell books, right? I am the biggest loser on the planet and no one likes me because I have no followers on Instagram. I need to hide under the bed. I am not worthy of that new marker set I wanted. I will never succeed as an artist.


I jumped from my Creative Role, which is what I am good at and my Superpower, and jumped into a whole other SALESPERSON Character while I was creating. And I expected myself to be AWESOME AMAZING at it. I just like to be me. I just like to share drawings on Instagram because it’s fun and it feels like Show and Tell, and maybe you will be inspired.

According to all the career stuff on Google, Salesperson personality is a very different personality then the Artist. I took a social test and I was an ASI, which is one of those artistic social investigative types. That means I like to create and am like a scientist. I probably shouldn’t even run my own business then.

What’s the solution? First, when I am in the Creative Zone, and in my Superpower, I need to stay there. I need to stay away from Social Media until I am wayyyy done. I might need to hire someone to help with Social Media and Stuff (Capricorns hate to farm out help.) I might have to ask for help (Oh no!!!) But I do need to acknowledge that I may not be GREAT at everything, but to focus on what I am good at and get help, somehow, with what I am not that great at.

And the Social Media numbers? If I am that concerned I can buy followers, but that’s silly. They would all be fairy haters who think I’m crazy and like boob pictures. Why not slowly build up my “people” instead, because I want to, and it makes sense, and then I will love Instagram as much as did when I first started taking pictures with my phone camera. I will also start loving my Smartphone again, which would be nice because I call it all kinds of nasty things when it butt dials people. I can see Instagram as I first saw it: as a place to touch base for my dreams and a chronicle for my creations FOR ME, and well, whoever else wants to see it.

Relieve the pressure. Because nothing squashes the heck out of the creative flow as the How am I doing? brain while you are creating. Heck, what does that brain even help with except nurture crap self esteem and fund therapists?

Enough said. Back to iMovie.

Go make stuff,


By the way, follow me on Instagram here.

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