Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder and Other Tips for Sensitive Artists

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Tips for the Sensitive Artists #1: Five Pieces of Advice

I am settling into my new home over here at HEALING FAIRY ALPHABET, and will soon be settling into a new home in “real” life. My creative juices are flowing and I am starting a new blog series, Help for the Sensitive Artist. My one dear friend asked me, “Aren’t all artists sensitive?” And I had to think about it. Remembering the Nasties I went to school with in college who were artists and rather insensitive and mean, I’d have to say…No. But the more sensitive artists and creative people have a harder time sharing ourselves with the world and being in it, and since I love to share my journey and tools as a way to teach and help…  Here’s 5 Tips to help you on your creative path, avoiding pitfalls I’ve encountered, that are good reminders.

  1. Look to Inspiration when creating but don’t keep looking over your shoulder. 

I love Pinterest! It’s eye candy for visual people. Scoping through the boards and pins I get lots of ideas, and learn about books I would love to read and posts from other blogs and sites. It’s a super place to research. I remember back in the day needing to illustrate and wanting references for birds and needing to head on over to the library for encyclopedias. (Oops, just dated myself!) Now I just search for ‘birds’ on Pinterest. The negative side of this great resource is the COMPARING BUG. The BUG looks a little like this: “Oh wow. She’s really talented. She can really paint layers in her journal. Why can’t I do this?” Ouch! “SHE has a ton of publicity for her classes. What the heck. I feel like a failure.” It is best to get your reference and run to nearby exit when you find yourself talking TOAD to yourself like that.

2. Ask for advice but check in with your inner gut first before making changes.

The surest way to get lost in your creative endeavors or with your business is to ask for too much advice. Lots of folks have brilliant advice whether in marketing, or as simple as using a new pen, or choosing colors for your site. I always look to others for marketing advice as it is not my specialty, BUT, I have found I know the most about my business for running it for over ten years. It’s like your child or your dog. You know she is allergic to milk and it makes her hive-y. The health expert or doctor might say milk is great for calcium, but not for your kid. So take advice lightly or you might end up like I did, taking a piece of advice and redoing your website design until you don’t recognize it anymore, only because you confused the advice given.

3. Don’t force ideas or creativity.

Yesterday was an un-creative day. I was tired so I was pushing my ideas all over the place. I was redoing my website design (see #2 on list) and after several hours had big time frustration. Nothing worked. The simplest changes made big messes. What was a better idea was taking a break from the computer, but instead I pushed on. Pushing on doesn’t work in this case. It makes your creative ideas forced and stale.

4. Avoid HULU or TV while creating.  

Being empathic I can jump onto anyone’s story and make it my own. I will let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, when my story is too full, I like to watch Reality TV. All the drama and craziness feels so shallow that I can get lost in their stories and not get hurt or even too involved. Sandra doesn’t get along with Polly at judging? Oh well. But it also is an excuse for me not creating, because let’s face it, when I create, I tap into my emotions, and sometimes, I just want a break from those.

5. Ideas not coming? Use this tip for flow. 

Head to water! I have my best ideas in the shower and always hear guidance when I am near water. It all makes sense and I see that big picture.

Hope that helps a bit. Be sure to follow this blog and join me on this continuing adventure. And join me here on Saturday when I participate in A Fanciful Twist’s Mad Tea Party. 

Fairy blessings,


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