The Invisibility Cloak: One Must for Creative Self Care #1


The Musts For Creative Self Care #1

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Every now and then I experience the superpower of Invisibility. I am sure you can relate…We are trained for marketing our business or our voice to have three trillion followers and when we focus on that number we can experience the opposite. Being a sensitive artist, I take the Invisibility on social media harshly. Invisibility = no likes, no comments, dead air, crickets. Zzzzzz. Hello? Anyone? I can post a video of a dog taking a poo into a flower garden (mind you, not MY video) and I get 30 likes and shares on Facebook. I share a drawing from my book I’ve been working on day and night and get nothing. It’s enough to stir up my inner Nasty Fairy to want to throw bad spells onto humanity.

My theory is when I experience the Invisibility I am whooshed to middle school (not high school, because that was fun.) All the cool girls were getting boyfriends and I seemed to disappear into the woodwork. Awkward adolescence shows its nasty little head.

A coping method to deal with this can be forcing you way into social media by liking 300 people a day, but let’s be honest, I want relationships, not numbers.

Another coping method is grab the computer and watch another round of Bachelors in Paradise because it’s so empty and ridiculous and empathically so vacant, I can have a vacation from feeling anything. (I really did root for Carly and Kirk, by the way, although I am always fascinated by the notion of massive love after two weeks. It does match middle school dating.)

I could contact most of my friends and ask them to acknowledge I exist on Facebook by liking my new fabulous post. But, I don’t want to seem pushy and that seems against the point.

The best coping method seems counter-productive. Those times I feel this way and nothing is happening is the time to WALK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. It is a reminder I am getting too outer-focused and I need to inner focus to the work and creating in front of me. Instead of getting triggered, and let’s face it, it is triggering to be invisible for anyone, I need to give myself and my work attention. I need to create, which establishes that huge connection to the Divine and the Zone of Creating where I fill back up and it doesn’t matter how many hits I received. And let’s face it, there are days I could care less and then everyone is commenting and liking my posts.

Focus on the creating.


Diligently working away on…follow this blog to receive excerpts and updates. Sounds good, eh?

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2 thoughts on “The Invisibility Cloak: One Must for Creative Self Care #1

  1. I hear you, Ronnie….and feel the same way. Social media can be overwhelming and cause imbalances that seem so unnecessary. Being liked and “un-liked” or just plain deleted, do make me feel like I am living in a perpetual middle school playground. Sometimes the conversation itself ( even if it is positive and affirming) seems like too much talking for me. Like you so beautifully stated, taking time off is important. Trusting that our work will be seen and we will be provided for materially, takes some of the pressure off. It’s a lesson I deal with on an on-going basis. Please know I see you and hear you….and value what you create. With love, Marylou


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