This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Card: D is for Fairy Door Activity


Picking a card for the week…fairydoor

This week we focus on the FAIRY DOOR. It’s the card of Possibilities and Opportunities, a very positive card. Get out a piece of paper and start writing.

But it’s interesting, it’s also a card of what you let in and what you keep out. There are decisions to be made. What will you keep allowing into your psychic space? Where do you need a stronger door or boundaries? What doesn’t work anymore that you can keep out and throw out the door? What habits or repeat patterns are getting in the way? Now that you are clear and have room, what do you want to open up to? What doors are you wanting to open right now? What do you want and deserve to have? 



To get your deck, go HERE.

Sign up for the how-to course for the deck HERE.

Fly a magic giraffe HERE.

Talk to fairies HERE.

Eat all you can eat virtual cakes HERE.

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