Letting the Creativity Flow & Dressing the Dog


I have felt a great deal of resistance swirling against me with my creative work so I haven’t been able to get into the studio and “get ‘er done.” I’ve been contemplating this thing called creativity and wondering what helps me get that flow going when it doesn’t want to flow. Ever the analyzer, when things DID flow, I wrote these suggestions down that worked in my journals and will share them with you.


  1. Color at restaurants.

I was recently at Chili’s with the kids and my honey and it was crazy-busy-packed and crowded. Normally, my sensitive self would have gone into serious overload and hid under a booth, but instead, the waiter handed the kids crayons and coloring sheets and I insisted on having one too. I knew the expectations on me were very high, being a “serious” artist, but I wanted to deliver. Crayons are a challenge for full coverage and shading (those puppies are so darn waxy), but dammit, I had fun. I didn’t even notice the loud noise and the crazy insanity around me in the next booths, including a screaming happy birthday song by staff, or that the food was alarmingly late. I was digging coloring in that bird. I even wanted to draw more birds. How about a whole page of birds! I can honestly say Chili’s opened me up because drawing a little leads to drawing a lot.

2. Take a Skillshare class.

I love Skillshare. And for only $10 a month I can take whatever class I want…and that’s usually a ton. Check out the one on Paper cut-out effect for Aftereffects, or Choose Must from Author Elle Luna.

3. Read  a great book on creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert, you are fab-u-lous. Your writing is so simple, straightforward and RICH. I am reading Big Magic and it feels like a best bud holding my hand and telling me to go create or she knows I will die. This book is shifting me when I need to be shifting back into my creative work. She understands the creative mind oh so well.


4. Put a dress on the dog.

Nothing inspires me more then dressing Emma Lou. Let me clarify. She’s so damn cute with those long, expensive, itchy floppy ears, that for a moment, just imagining her in a dress makes me happy. Right now I am going to dress my dogs virtually for A Fanciful Twist’s witch blog party that happens on the weekend. I am smiling now thinking about it.

6. This suggestion is dangerous.

Go to Barnes and Noble. Sit on the floor in front of the Art Books and inhale the creativity bursting from the new book smell. Better still, go to the Doodling bookstand in the kid’s area and immerse yourself. Lather, immerse, repeat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.30.15 PM

7. Take pictures of details.

I started doing this. I took pictures of the yellow changing leaves against my red shoes, the piece of sky with grey smokey mist, and that beer bottle that has THE coolest Day of the Dead labels. Now I want to make sh*t, or take more photos of tiny details.

And one suggestion not to do…and this is a big one

The sure way to block yourself as a creative is to look too much at other artist’s stuff. I don’t mean their “stuff,” you dirty minds, I mean their ART. You CAN look at my art, because it’s fun and whimsical, and even buy my stuff over here, but I found that the one day I went exploring looking at all the talent out there and how successful THOSE artists are and how they have huge best-selling books with huge social media followings (lots of huge)…and I didn’t want to create anything for three days.

So, go out there and worship at Barnes and Noble, grab the crayons from the tight hands of the waiter, and let it flow, baby, let it flow.

Fairy Blessings,



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