When I feel really good and Bad Drains

My massage therapist, when I told her I see energy, asked me if I see colors. Yes, I told her, when I feel good.


When I feel really good I want to paint and draw. I visit Michael’s and buy interesting things for their possibilities. Paperclay can be puppet heads. A cardboard house, a bakery. Stories come to me easily and words fill up my books. My projects flow because I have so many ideas. This is my natural resting state. It’s very important to know this about yourself and what Feeling Good looks like.


But as a sensitive artist, I can drain easily if I am not careful. When I am drained, there are symptoms.

Last week I got drained and I didn’t plug up the hole, so I got sick with the latest headcold going around. On the healing side of the sneezes today I looked at my mood.

Empathic Drain Symptoms

  • I feel like I could nap all day and still feel tired
  • I don’t feel creative. That’s scary. I ALWAYS feel creative, but I just don’t have the energy for it.
  • It feels like there’s screaming chatter in my head–like a radio left on. That means there is not enough of my own thoughts in there. It’s everyone else’s.
  • I am responding to color but I am not seeing color.
  • I get thrown off and can’t think clearly. I feel directionless and lost, when I am neither those things.


This is bad. If I was crazy wealthy I’d go to Tahiti and fix that problem with a vacation. Ah, yes, the ocean. Why did I get so drained? Big problem was there was lots of activity and I was too “out” then “in” which doesn’t work for me. If I don’t have regroup time, I’ll have problems. But we also had to deal with very, very negative Tornado People. It was like they swooped right in, took a dump on our carpet and then swooped right out for us to clean up the mess. (On a positive note, I did write about it for my new book, Your Turtle Shell, on how to deal with Tornado People.) Being such a strong empath living with a family of feelers, I felt everyone’s reactions including my own. I need to regroup and replenish or I will continue to be very un-Ronni-like and many of my fairy pictures on Facebook will turn dark and goth and folks will begin to wonder.

The Cure

  1. Sorry, Loved Ones, I need some alone time. This is mandatory and non-negotiable. I need to just feel me so I can determine what isn’t me. I also need to give to myself, not to everyone else right now. I’m clearly empty and if I give right now it won’t be pretty what I am dealing out, kinda like crumbs on the bottom of the toaster.
  2. This is time for Art Porn. Yes, it’s a cheap trick but it makes me happy. I need an Art Store Visit where the owner chats life and supplies and I handle different kinds of sketch pads and drool at pens. Like I said before, I need to see possibilities.
  3. I need a hefty dose of music, hopefully music that inspires me to choreograph dances in my head. I need to move my body.
  4. I need Nature. There’s an unexpected snow outside there but it can’t stop me from shooting some pics of the cherry blossom standing right next to my window.
  5. This step is important. I need to follow what excites me and not explain it away. I need SANDBOX TIME to play and experiment. This is also mandatory for creative people and part of the process. I got a new S Note phone. I can draw on it which I find very exciting. It feels like a reward, which is what I am desperately needing right now.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.18.45 AM

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I need to keep out any of that toxic energy that doesn’t belong here. I am amazed how miserable people love to spread their misery like a virus. I can’t allow that to happen again, now that I know how much it affected me. While I am refueling, I need to make some serious fences to keep that out.

What drains you and what is your Cure?



I found two resources regarding toxic energy affecting your creativity:

The People Factor: http://www.accidentalcreative.com/teams/people-factor/

Julia Cameron talks about Crazymakers in her creative bible, The Artist Way. She says “When we are involved with a crazymaker, our energy goes to our crazymaker instead of to our art.”

Until next time,


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