On the path to reinvention…excited about now


On my path of reinvention, I am learning a great deal. I am launching a new class that starts next month (registration open! I’m out of teaching hiatus!) and a new deck for help with Transitions. On that path to that new class, I hope to share resources and tools and just plain inspiration that I found on this Land of Whimsy and Learning blog. Please join me and start your own journey of reinvention.

I ask myself, What excited me and gave me that Authentic Kick in the Pants today?

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.00.59 AM

This book. Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions. Awhile back, I do believe at Xmas time, Danielle gave away free excerpts of her books that included this one. What I really like about her writing is that she is such a positive person that uplifts you while being pretty no nonsense and to the point. She doesn’t focus on the old stuff and have you wallow there, or shames you for even having old stuff. I’ve been playing with the exercises and having fun with it including creating a Passion Play Worksheet.


What I am researching now: 


Crows. Flagstaff, Arizona is so filled with crows and giant ravens, it’s almost like this town is filled with Magic, or at least a meeting place for crows. I’m making a special card for the deck, which stars crows, so I am almost stalking the poor creatures with a sketchbook and a camera. They probably think I’m a crazy nut.


I posted my Reinvention class! Won’t you join me? It’s here.


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