Ronni Ann Hall is D e s i g n i n g  F a i r y 


I want my words to help you. When I hear, “When I read your book I felt less alone and more empowered,” I feel my purpose.

I’ve been creating stuff that helps and teaches others most of my adult life from creating custom pet portrait cards for grieving pet owners to being one of the pioneers in the field in creating an online school in healing and psychic communication. I like to share what I’ve learned.

When I look back to when I became a visual storyteller, it was my mom’s influence reading Aesop’s Fables to me at bedtime, and conjuring up stories to keep me still while she combed and tackled my long brown hair that was always filled with knots. We named the comb, Big Comb, and it had all kinds of adventures as a superhero. With the gift of a happy face bag filled with drawing supplies from a loving relative I became an artist, and a whimsical one at that.

My first play was written and illustrated at age 6. It starred a bunch of animals that lived in a forest and their pond was threatened by land developers. They picketed and won. I was big on message, but low on names. The dog character was named Dog, and the duck named Duck.

I later fell in love with Count Morbida from Dynamite magazine, who taught with fun games while pulling you into his gothic spooky world. The genius of Ed Emberley taught how to draw with a few whimsical lines. I wanted to teach with fun like them.

I work in whatever medium will deliver wisdom, whether in the form of a fairy deck, an animated movie, a gallery exhibit of cloth dolls, an essay in a magazine, or a book series. My varied schooling in painting, writing, graphic design, sewing, acting, and video gives me a large toolbox to choose from.

Heavily influenced by my many experiences with the Spiritual realm, I hope to bring an element of magic into everything I create: the fairy magic of Designing Fairy.

Fairy Logo 3 stars

R e s u m e  of  W o n d e r* 


  • Launched and ran the ten year-old, international Fairy Online School of Healing.
  • Graduated from Education Media Design and Technology Graduate Certificate Program (Full Sail University). Has a bunch of degrees in Art and Design.
  • Wrote the popular Help! I’m Sensitive series and viral “Are you a Sensitive?” quiz.
  • Starred in the television pilot, Animalinks, shot in the beautiful Sedona, AZ.
  • Self-published the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck, and For the Love of Dog book.
  • Frequent essay contributor to Somerset Studio magazine Back Page column.
  • Fourteen-year experience as a practicing animal communicator helping animals and their people world-wide.
  • Writer of Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books) and Illustrator of Cooking Art (Gryphon House).
  • Has two decades of teaching experience, including College Design Teacher.

O f f i c e  A s s i s t a n t s:



Emma Lou, Wise Counsel


Cobi Ann, Stamp Licker

 M y  F a i r y  &  E l F  F a m i l y:



My beloved elf partner and future step kids

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